The Florida everglades are home to the American alligator. This reptile is a World attraction to the everglades and a very exciting species. The American alligator which has a darker skin tone than the crocodiles, is native to the Southeastern United States. The American alligator can be found in the areas in Florida, Texas ,Missisippi ,Lousiana ,Alabama. The American alligator is one of two of the alligator species. The other alligator is the Chinese alligator in China. The Chinese alligator is smaller and is very much in risk of being extinct. American alligator habitats consist mainly in coastal wetlands. These coastal wetlands are examples of freshwater rivers, swamps, marshes, and lakes. Everglades National Park in southern Florida is plentiful of alligators, The everglades is also the same place where alligators and crocodiles coexist in the same habitat. The American crocodile also a historic reptile, is making a comeback in Florida. Still a rare sight for Floridians, scientists and biologist suspect some of the reasons for this is people may mistake the crocodiles for alligators .The crocodiles are not quite as dark as the alligators and have crocodile features. The American crocodile is more shy and tends to stay away from humans. American crocodiles are found on the Southern tip of Florida, they are also found in islands including Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Central America has also been a place where American crocodiles occur. American crocodiles habitats include brackish waters ,mangrove swamps, lagoons, cays, and small islands.

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