Zinedine Zidane one of the greatest managers in world football, had the task of making Watford into a champions league contender. Watford a team in the English Premier league was looked at as a team that could barely survive relegation. The team was old and had very few high potential players .Zidane’s first signing as manager was Kingsley Coman. Coman was bought from Bayern Munich, he showed deadly pace and a vast growing potential. Despite winning the preseason tournament, Coman being the star for the first half of the season was not a success. Richarlison and Chabaloah contributed but the wins were not there ,the team dropped as low as 16th place. Zidane had his eye on a striker to replace Troy Deeney. He had bid for Cedric Bakambu of Villareal but was multiple times rejected. They nearly signed Karim Benzema just to have the Frenchmen decline the offer. Finally he was able to secure Cedric Bakambu, his arrival meant the end of Deeney at Watford. Deeney was sold to Swansea City. The team also tried to sign Jordi Alba from FC Barcelona but was rejected. As the season went on Watford became better and stuck around mid table. Bakambu found his goal scoring form and Gomes the goalkeeper kept clean sheets. Watford showed out in the Euro League where they reached the semi finals. During the January transfer window Zidane secured contracts for the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, Juan Mata, and Bernd Leno, the following season. The arrival of these three world class players, would help Watford in their run for qualifying for the champions league and winning the premier league. Before the end of the season Zidane even received a offer to coach for Everton but would decline. Watford finished mid table and gained the respect of the English premier league. Rejections had been a key let down for Zidane so far for Watford with players such as Thomas Muller, Joshua Kimmich, Karim Benzema,Jordi Alba, and most important of all Lionel Messi all declining moves to Watford.The next season they went in search of two new young but world class centre backs. Zidane had tried to sign his old player Rapahael Varane from Real Madrid but so far he declined. The other player he tried to sign was Danielle Rugani from Juventus but he declined as well. Watford has so far transformed under Zidane but still has quite a way to go to become a World famous club.

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