After another thrilling and successful Champions League campaign, Real Madrid’s summer hit them hard. First Zidane resigned, and then the shocking departure of the World’s best player Cristiano Ronaldo. His departure to Juventus was a close second to top sports transfers after Lebron moving to the Lakers. Despite Zidane and Ronaldo’s departure, Real Madrid still had a roster full of some of the World’s most skilled and key players. They still have Marcelo Viera and Segio Ramos two of the World’s best defenders. They also have some of the World’s greatest midfielders in Modric, Bale, Kroos, Isco, and Asensio. Despite all these players Real Madrid have not even reached top 5 in the La Liga standings. Hopefully the firing of the manager will help stopĀ  the spin out of direction. The start of the season seemed apparent that Real Madrid would once again be the best team in Spain. They even have two of some of the World’s best goalkeepers despite that the team remains out of form. They have been beaten by CSKA Moscow, Alaves,FC Barcelona, and Levante. Almost every game but one was a close loss. With Madrid creating more chances then the other team but not able to capitalize on them.The signing of Mariano Diaz from Lyon seems like a very questionable move more then ever, with him often being forgotten by fans. Benzema seems to clearly be out of his prime and the current most consistent goal scorer is Marcelo the defender.

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