My life so far has had its ups and downs. Yes I am just like any other average American kid, stressing over little things like social problems and sports. School is also a important aspect of my life and my family enforce my focus on the subject. I have not obtained the best of grades in the past, but this year is different. This is my junior year therefore I must keep my grades up. Another big aspect of my life is soccer, I both love watching and playing the sport. Soccer is one of my biggest moments of happiness in life and I hope I have the option of becoming a professional. I want to start on a MLS team preferably a team in California, spend a year or two on that team and move on to a club like AS Monaco or Everton. I would then spend some solid years at that club then move to a super fame club like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. I hope to represent Antigua and Barbuda’s national team over my native United States as a tribute for my grandmother. If soccer does not work out I want to be a zoologist. Since a young age, I have always liked to learn about animals. I would relish the opportunity to go to a exotic place like Central Africa or South East Asia and study animals of that region. I hope to see my self when I’m in my elderly years near a beach in my ancestral lands of the Caribbean

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