He rained from the markets of Senegal. during this night fought this warrior, he reigned in victory over all his opponents. Fighters came all the way around Africa to fight this man. No matter what style or intensity his fighters fought he always won. Keita was his name, he was a national hero. Keita was chosen as a fighter for the Shadaloo tournament. Keita entered Bangkok like no other fighter. He was dark but muscular, tall but skinny. When he entered the stadium he was laughed at. Sagat and Vega threw food at him and laughed.

Keita was filthy but ready. His first opponent was Vega. Vega came in with a style Keita had never encountered quick but acrobatic. He in just two attempts bloodied Keita’s face. Keita needing a counter was able to spin kick off Vega’s mask. Then finished him with his famous lightning strike. Surprised by Keita’s quick victory, M. Bison approached him and offered him a spot in his organization. Keita refused, calling it evil and lifeless. Angered by Keita’s refusal to join, M.Bison had Keita face Sagat next. Sagat on a major losing streak, came out the aggressor Landing kick after kick. Keita was able to land some counters and tip the balance. Sagat almost him with a tiger kick but missed and then was finished by Keita’s flipping cannonball finisher. Enraged at the loss of his highest minion, M. Bison ordered the tournament thrown out and wanted Keita killed.

Keita managed to escape out of Bangkok but would beĀ  followed back to Africa by Shadaloo.

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