Don’t you look, stare, and wonder about life? All of life’s greatest surprises and twist and turns. I can go on an on explaining its way of either salvating orĀ  ruining lives. Life himself took my father when I was young. My bad of me not to introduce myself, I am Kilinos. You probably reconigze or heard of my brother Thanos,He banished me to a lost island with very few creatures. I vow and plead every full moon that if I get the chance I will kill my unrighteous brother. I was nearly escaped but his wicked heartless children discovered my plan. One of them put me in a unbreakable chamber. There is a key but only Thanos knows where I do however send out star technology that signals help.

A strange creature has retrieved my signal ,oh wait I know of this immortal! it is Thor but how??I thought Thanos had wiped out his whole planet and people. He looked at me with great uncertainty and worry. Thor had been able to retrieve the key from Thanos but had not been able to kill him. He quickly opened up the chamber and stared at me. Thor explained how Thanos wiped out every super hero but three and escaped while the whole galaxy was in shambles. He enlisted for my help, I was ready. Thor warned me though how powerful Thanos was with these rings and we would need to try and at least take two of them. Thor recommended the mind and reality stone. I know where my brother is, he is on our home planet relaxing like some untouchable immortal .We haveĀ  along way to go and this will be easy. Even if we beat Thanos will we be able to restore all the other superheroes.

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