First we have Chelsea. This club in theĀ  premier league needs to re prove themselves this season. After winning the title in 2017, Chelsea has soon fallen out of form. They managed a lot of new signings since then and hardly any have worked. There most successful signing in my opinion was Antonio Rudiger, who was signed by the club after his performance helped anchor Germany to a win the 2017 confederations cup. He will no doubt be an important player for Chelsea this upcoming season. Liverpool is favored to finally win the premier league this season,but Chelsea could stop them. They have so far kept the services of Hazard, Willian, and Courotis the clubs most sought after players. These three are also arguably by far the best players at Chelsea. No doubt the strength of this team is the attack with Hazard, Morata, Giroud, and Willian. The midfield is also looking good too, but the defence is looking like a problem.

Second we have Tottenham Hotspur. They have finished top 3 the last three seasons and have a young uprising core. There best player the last few seasons has been Harry Kane. Kane is a sharp goal scorerĀ  who was the winner of the golden boat at this years world cup. He is not alone though they also have Christian Eriksen who is a brilliant playmaker, Dele Alli a young but very talented attacking midfielder who can score from just about anywhere, Hueng Ming Son one of the fastest midfielders in the world, and Hugo Lloris a brick wall in goal .Lloris proved to be a top of some of the key big names of the French squad who won at this years world cup. Defence is also looking like a strong suit for the spurs this season. They are not under dogs to win it all this year they are the second biggest threat after Liverpool.

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