We must now fight like never before. William Wallace may be dead, but so what!!! We are Scotsmen how many times I bid to tell you. We do not belong to the English! we are our own people. Many deaths to the king of England, I hope he has a painful death. Long live my kinsman William Wallace, Many thanks to Sir Bruce for saving our hopes as a people. My children will wake up yelling freedom! They will not be obliged to pledge to some unworthy filthy English! We did not give our own flesh and blood to be bewildred by our roots by the English. So once again I shout freedom! We are free at last. The british soldiers are coming but we don’t care we know we won the war.

We are in the fight, Sir Bruce and his lads are slaughtering the English soldiers by the thousands.  His father bid with illness and despair, gave up on his people and claims an English. He is the reason for the capture and death of our kinsman. His death and cause very much in our heads as we continue to fight. Let those filthy no good pipes as the English say go. Let them flow with harmony as we shed our blood for our new nation. These mountains will soon be ours unbothered, we refuse to be part of England. We have our own characters and leaders. We have proven our worth winning these battles.

King Of England I bid you on your death bed, let us go. You will not be here soon so why not give us our freedom. Your iron hand will die with you just like your rule. I bid you 50 million deaths. Now give us our independence! We the lads of Scotland stand strong and united. We might have our diffrences but we are not English at that is all we care. Push on young lads I can see our freedom near and near.

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