I think the France squad progressed really nicely over the World Cup. Kylian Mbappe became a even bigger star than before. Before the tournament he was just known as a super talent. He scored quite a bit of goals and had a spot on game against Argentina. Paul Pogba shocked me most of all. Pogba was heavily criticized for his season at Manchester united. Many fans felt he was not worth his price and went to the media to criticize him. Pogba played a different role then what he was known for in the world cup. He helped anchor the defensive midfield. Pogba showed off his hidden defending skills and got his goal in the final .I think he is worth his price and beyond that.The rest of the squad steeped up as well, Hugo LLoris could simply not be beaten. He saved shots and goals at will. Nothing seemed to stop him. Not even a bug flying in his mouth. Pavard converted to the right back position and scored arguably the goal of the tournament. Kante was a master mind of breaking up opposing counter attacks. Lucas Hernandez converted to a left back and defended with his life. Mbappe and Pogba are going to get most of the headlines. They out shined there expectations. Griezmann is also a underrated hero for the squad. He scored many goals and even converted every penalty he attempted. Most of all Didier Deschamps will finally get the credit he deserved. He had been heavily criticized for the Euro loss. He did not in fact have Mbappe back then who proved to be a difference maker.

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