I watched the rain drop through the window of our house, it seemed to be never ending. Despite that, I enjoyed the calm sounds of the rain. During the wet season in Nigeria, I always seemed to find myself inside. Whether it was watching football or helping mum cook. sometimes when the rain settled down, I went to the park to play football. Today though, it simply rained too hard. The monkeys had once again got into our house, mum had to shew them away from our food. They have become real pest lately because of the rain. The dry season can be even worst. Bugs and other critters we have around seem to multiply. Abuja looks very scenic with all the lush trees and plants after the rain season.

The next day was a big day. We we’re going to go visit the Akepepe, in his village. We set our bags and headed for Lagos. In Lagos we went to the water villages. Hear the life was a lot different than ours. The houses we’re on water and the people were not very educated. Mum had brought rice cakes and many other treats for the Akepepe.This was our gratitude to our fading traditional culture. The Akepepe was the biggest village chief in our side of Nigeria, and one of two in the whole country.

when we first arrived to Lagos we passed by different shops and markets. People here we’re a lot more self dependent than back home. It was not until sunset when we reached the villages. After a short boat ride we arrived at the home of the Akepepe. He was now aging more and more and become even wiser than before. He gave us great advice and suggestions and thankfully accepted our gifts. He predicted a new Nigeria which was dominated by taboo and the youth. On our way back home we had found out that the Akepepe was captured from his village by the invading Boka Haram.

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