The boat pushed into the water, Jack knew he was somewhere in Pacific. The water at that time was calm and mellow. Jack now in his boat watched how crocodiles tried to swim near his boat. Jack’s concern started to grow. as the crocs as a unit could devour his boat in half. Jack rowed his boat into a current that was long and bumpy. This effort though was able to get him away from the crocs. For hours the boat floated in the sea, Jack even saw a shark or two. Luckily for him, none had chosen to attack. He eyed land from afar way out, about 30 minutes later he reached land. after he gained himself and walked through the beach, Jack reached the edge of the outback.

Jack did not realize where he was until he saw a tree with a koala. Amazed at not only his location but also with the koala .He had only heard of Australia and had never been there. Jack was then pre-cautious of his surroundings and grabbed a stick. a kangaroo was spotted by him, he was amazed and also surprised. Unluckily, Jack had stepped on a pile of dead leaves. In these dead leaves was a very fierce taipan. Angered by being stepped on, it bit Jack in his leg. Jack ran for a couple of minutes and then dropped and passed out. While a sleep, Jack had another flashback. This time it was him on the plane. His plane was very comfortable and Jack made a friend that was sitting next to him. All the sudden the plain started to fall out the sky, the pilots we’re trying to figure out what happen. suddenly Jack had waken back up in a panic. He saw a strange man put a type of paste in his mouth.

His leg began to feel numb. Still very dizzy he asked the person who they we’re. The man a aboriginal chief did not speak English, as he helped Jack to his feet. Jack noticed his identity too. The chief used gestures to show how Jack was bitten by a very powerful snake. Then the chief found him passed out and gave him a special paste. This paste was a sacred anti-venom paste. He gestured for Jack to follow him as they made the long trek to the chief’s village.


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