Boom went the plane in flames, it had only one survivor. His name was Jack Towland, he was an American writer who had been on his way to Indonesia. Unfortunately for him, his plane had crashed. jack had not realized yet but he was on the Crab islands some hundred miles away from Australia. He peered into the distance and saw¬† three big log like creatures. Oh! what bad luck! they we’re saltwater crocs. but Jack was further enough away to avoid them. Jack also discovered turtles, many of them. Jack got to work on making shelter for himself. He found wood on the ground spent hours mending together to make a tall house like object. His small but tall wooden house was built on a tall hill which he hoped would keep away crocs. After building his house, he was exhausted and fell asleep. While asleep, Jack had flashbacks. Suddenly he saw his wife and family again.

It must had all been a dream, his daughter came running a him with the nicest of smiles. His son and his dog we’re close behind, and then his wife. It was the normal day at his house. His whole family had greeted him before he got inside the door. This day was different though, he had informed them that he had a business trip to Indonesia. That night he had taken them for ice cream, the next morning they took the long drive to the airport. While Jack walked into the airport he heard his son’s voice saying goodbye over and over again. Jack had then started to slowly wake up, he had realized again he was by himself in a strange land. Before sunset Jack left to find food.

Luckily for him, he found a small weakened pig. He used a log ands was able to create a fire, he put the pig on his fire stick grill. After the pig was done, he collected a couple of coconuts he found. While on the way back to his wooden house he smelled something. He had walked slowly and from a distance saw a giant croc hiding inside of his house. The croc must have powered through the back, entered, and then tried to wait for Jack to return. Jack ran away from the hill and took his food. He was able to build a boat. Now he had wondered where will this go?

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