The smell of kerosene filled the room. The fire blazed and brought out the tears of the owners. but for me, what a pleasure it was to burn. our job made us seem like we were heartless, but it was our job. I did not want to be released. Being released was the worst punishment, no one knows what exactly happens when you’re released because you end up gone. one of our co-workers refused to burn a book, he was released. His whole family was moved out of the grid. Today was a special day, we reached the Czech town square. we had busted a secret book exchange in the back. We put on our helmet and gloves and burn everything in sight. The people had 30 seconds to move or they could be burned. We burned the books by the thousands and then put a documentation tag on the prosecutes. They yelled at us violently at Czech but we didn’t care, we took away their real weapon and power the books.


my name was Tomas Satornsky, I have been burning books for almost ten years. on my official day of ten years, I get a promotion to a chief. My wife Elda, is also very happy about this so then she can get a T.V. Elda always raves about the this new gadget when she comes back from her brother’s place. I could not afford that until the promotion. Personally I could go without the television, but my wife cannot. She complains about it constantly and is always at her brothers. I don’t even think she cares if he is there or not, she is satisfied by his television. I feel like if I speak out against it to my wife, she will leave me. It was morning when the book clock rang, I was surprised to see it was my own house.

I jumped out of our bed. I was shocked to see that my wife had ratted me out. They marched in my house but I had escaped with the books. I now wonder how is our society supposed to be a utopia. we are raised to not seek knowledge and to watch the television. This was all a big trap!

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