In the hills of the Jamaican mountains laid a man. This mans name was Kadeem Fisher, he spent his time picking coffee beans, soursops, and bananas. While British occupation, he had refused to do labor for them. Fisher knew he could have made a fine investment with the British Jamaican Coffee Industry, but he remained loyal to his cause. Fisher began boycotting British coffee investments on the island. After the British left he moved in a small house in the Blue mountains. He had retired and grew his own fruit. The mountain was always scenic, Fisher had loved to live on it. The parrots flew around and the iguanas were everywhere. Fisher ate an iguana once, he did not like it. When he can he fished. The government had cracked down on the fishing so it was rare. He survived on mainly fruit and birds. Fisher was okay with this he loved being close with nature. His daughter had mailed him a letter. She lived in Kingston, it cam in the morning. It was now the end of summer so it was much cooler in the mountains. He opened the letter his daughter had wrote to him about a escape. Her house had been raided by rebels who saw her as rich. Angered by this message he was determined to return to the city. He had left Kingston as a teenager. In those days the crime was bad, now it was worst. Rebels and murderers had taken to the street. Killing or beating whoever they felt like. He set off to Kingston, he arrived the next day. Thrilled to see his daughter he was shocked to find her gone. He now had a new motivation finding his daughter.

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